Care Groups

A Care Group is an intentional gathering of individuals whose purpose is to become a learning, serving, caring, Christ-centered community of faith. Crossroads currently offers four different small groups that will begin in the next couple of weeks. Each group will determine its own course of study and fellowship activities as well as its meeting dates, times and venue. Please prayerfully consider joining a group and contact the office to be connected with each groups leader.  Meeting times and locations can be found on the calendar page.


The “Parents Group”  focuses on building a more loving and Christ centered family. The group meets at Crossroads, childcare provided.  Group members will share with one another the wonders and challenges of raising children as they explore ways of passing on spiritual values to our children as well as develop our own spirituality. Join us for family centered activities, fellowship and learning from one another!

Women’s Care Group takes to meeting in our homes to study, discuss, explore, and cultivate our faith. Currently we are using the devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young . We take part in a variety of outreach and missions throughout the year. All are welcome. Come! Join us for evenings fun, fellowship and faith!

Men’s Care Group meets each Wednesday and  looks at the issues of being a Godly Man in today’s world. We work through a dedicated bible study choosing new ones after the completion of the previous one.

The “Young Adult” group is getting together to focus on fellowship, spirituality and exploring the interests of those who gather. If you think you might be a “Young Adult” then join us!